The meeting between President Biden and the House progressives began at 2:17 PM and ended at 4:11 PM.

On behalf of the progressive caucus, Representative Pramila Jayapal said members were feeling positive about their negotiations with Biden.

“We are feeling good,” said Jayapal describing the encounter with Biden as thoughtful and conversational listening sessions.

Jayapal said progressives reduced their demands to five priorities and believed most would get into the bill.  

“I think the president has been working incredibly hard to get everybody to a place where we can move this forward and finish this process so that we can start on whatever is the next important thing that we need to do so,” she said.

Jayapal added the president has been consistent about his bottom line numbers within a $1.9-2.2 trillion range.

“It’s not the number that we want. We have consistently tried to make it as high as possible,”  she revealed.

“President has agreed with our strategy,” Jayapal was certain. 

She said one of the most challenging places for their caucus is emissions reductions. 

Jayapal spoke fondly of Joe Biden. “The president is the inspirer, he is the closer , he is the convincer, the mediator in chief. He really is doing a phenomenal job,” Jayapal said.” she said. Then, at the suggestion of Representative Jimmy Gomez, she added more praise calling Joe Biden, “the mediator in chief.” 

“He really is doing a phenomenal job,” Jayapal went on. 

“The president has been nothing but respectful of all that we’re trying to accomplish all that he’s trying to accomplish in his Build Back Better agenda, and these conversations have been really great. They’re really conversational…” 

Asked about whether they could meet the accelerated Schumer deadline, she said: “We are all working as hard as we can. I mean all of us are having a million conversations every day to try to get there.”

Senators Manchin and Sinema were not the focus of the conversations, Jayapal said. 

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