We’ve all heard the cliché ‘when you open a book, you open a new world.’ Books have changed my life in more ways than one, here are the 3 top ones.

It makes you more relaxed
Since I’ve included a reading routine in my busy schedule by cutting out social media and screen time, my anxiety levels have significantly reduced. It slows down your heart and relieves your muscles. And what’s more is that it can actually help you sleep better. High quality sleep will boost your productivity throughout the day. 

It makes you wiser
Reading books opens you up to new perspectives through which we can understand the world. It’s as if you have a new lens to view the same surroundings under.  Pick up a book and you’ll have given yourself another conversation starter for the next work social you attend. It’s an ideal avenue to start developing and enhancing those critical soft-skills required in our day-to-day lives and the workforce.

It makes you smarter
Various scientific studies continually show that reading books is an exercise for your brain. Reading a novel can increase blood flow in the brain, helping develop better neuronal connections making you smarter! Trust me, it’s a foolproof idea to become sharper overall. And what’s even better is that there are books written about virtually every topic you can think of so you’ll never run out of options. You’re bound to find a book that you like. 

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