Jasmine Razeghi writes on the additional installations of fencing and barriers installed by the White House amidst continuous protests.

CNN reporter Betsy Klein tweeted early this morning about additional fencing going up around the White House, a likely response to the high volume of protesters in D.C.

According to Klein, the fencing “now extends past the [Eisenhower Executive Office Building] down 17th street”. She later tweeted that they placed more concrete barriers behind the “already existing fencing at 17th and Pennsylvania Ave,” according to Khalil Abdallah, a CNN photojournalist.  

This comes days after Donald Trump declared himself “your president of law and order” and “an ally to all peaceful protesters” from his speech in the Rose Garden, just before his unexpected march to the monumental St. John’s Episcopal Church.  

The increased security comes after the President recently rushed to the White House’s secure bunker on Friday evening after protesters began dismantling a temporary barricade outside the building, despite his claims that he visited the bunker to ‘inspect’ it”.

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