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These three strategies will help you deal effectively with conflict and difficult emotions. 

  1. Reflect on the issue, instead of pushing the problem aside for a later time, or pretending the conflict doesn’t exist. Pinpoint where the problem arose and decide who should take responsibility for the situation. For instance, when a student receives a low mark on a test, she needs to recognize that it was her decision not to study. However, if a person is facing trauma from a previous assault, she should realize that she is not to blame for the assaulter’s actions.
  2. Vocalize what is bothering you to friends, family, or even to the person you are experiencing conflict with. Instead of lashing out through reckless behavior, calmly explain why you feel dissatisfied. Directly tell these people what kind of support you are hoping to receive, in order to overcome the negative emotions. Remember that you don’t have to face your problems alone, a therapist or comforting figure will help you learn how to cope with negative emotions properly.
  3. Channel Your Energy by participating in healthy activities to reduce stress. For instance, if you experience a hard day at work, do not lash out at your loved ones. Instead, go for a run or engage in a calming activity that will allow you to collect your thoughts. Identify the areas that you need to improve on, but do not excessively dwell on the traits that cause your insecurities. Channel your energy by strengthening your positive traits and practicing hobbies that bring you genuine happiness and optimism.

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