Prime Minister Lee of Singapore arrived at the White House at 11:16 AM, running 30 minutes behind the schedule. 

Prime Minister Lee wore a blue tie and a blue shirt, Democrats’ favorite color. He also put on a lapel pin with both Singapore and the U.S. flags on it.

President Biden opened the floor by saying “this is a critical moment for both our countries.” He added that “the rule based order is facing unprecedented challenges. Russia’s unprovoked and unjustifiable war against Ukraine is an urgent threat to both Europe and I believe, the Indo-Pacific as well, and it’s attacking the core tenets of a rule based international order.”

POTUS thanked Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for a principled leadership in supporting the people in Ukraine.

“You’ve stepped up every time you’ve had to,” said Biden.

Before turning the floor over to the prime minister, Biden said the two would talk about: the US-ASEAN relationship, upholding freedom of the seas, promoting return of democracy in Burma, and advanced inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

“We will of course exchange views also on Ukraine and what that means for Asia Pacific region,” said Prime Minister Lee .

He called for the U.S. to continue “to deepen its relationship with countries in Asia Pacific. China, certainly. But also other countries, besides China. And deepen it substantially in many different ways through Indo-Pacific Strategy. In doing so, to foster the peace, stability, and security, as you have done for so many decades.”

Biden and Lee did not take any questions.

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