Chief of Staff Mark Meadows slams democrats for refusal to negotiate during today’s press briefing. 

Today, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany began the press briefing with an introduction of Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. 

Meadows slammed democrats for failing to negotiate or compromise with the White House as unemployment benefits and eviction protection will expire today. He cited the continued push from the President to address Americans who will suffer from eviction and absence of income.

“The President has sent us back not once, not twice, but three different times to try to find some common ground,” the Chief of Staff said. 

Press Secretary McEnany: Race For Coronavirus Vaccine “Moving Warp Speed” Under Trump

McEnany began her remarks with the many accomplishments Trump made in relation to the coronavirus, including investments in various vaccines. She noted the over 140 clinical trials underway with “the race for a coronavirus vaccine… moving truly at warp speed under President Trump.”

Yesterday the President visited the American Red Cross headquarters and held a roundtable on donating plasma. “These critical investments in a coronavirus vaccine are due to the fact that we have a businessman in the White House,” the Press Secretary claimed.

The Continued Tensions Between Democrats And The White House

When asked what she would say to Americans who are about to lose their $600 a week unemployment check, the Press Secretary charged those affected to call Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s offices to tell them to “get to work and stop engaging in politics on the backs of hard-working Americans.” 

McEnany Praised Work Of Journalists Covering Mail-In Voting

In rare praise of the Washington Post and a CNN contributor, McEnany appreciated the “good work” and coverage of the arising problems of mail-in voting that has been reported on by journalists. She quoted The New Yorker and CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin in his statement urging states to “get their acts together” when it comes to elections and mail-in voting.

The Press Secretary also cited multiple articles that echoed the concern of delayed results in an election, with an ABC article she quoted, stating, “expansion of mail-in voting will likely delay the state’s presidential race.”

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