On Thursday morning, December 9, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic praised in his address Biden’s initiative to organize Summit for Democracy to promote the importance of democratic values worldwide, at a time of “democracy in crisis.”

President Vucic reaffirmed Serbia’s commitment to join the European Union and the country’s compliance with “European values, democratic principles, and the rule of law.”

Serbian president spoke of “adopting the best European practices and examples in areas such as the rule of law and anti-corruption.”

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President Vucic also spoke of Serbia being a regional leader in gender equality.

“The Government of the Republic of Serbia is led by a female Prime Minister and consists of almost 50% of women,” said Vucic.

“The posts of heads of city and municipal administrations are held by over 70 women. In the judiciary 56% of public prosecutors are women, in courts of general jurisdiction there are 69% of women and in courts of special jurisdiction 76.3%.”

Vucic talked about the “Open Balkan” initiative adding that “promoting the four freedoms of movement – of people, goods, capital and services, creates conditions for the strengthening of all democratic values.”

The Serbian president affirmed that “Our guiding principle is that no one should be left aside in the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Read Vucic’s speech in full here.

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