King Felipe

The President and the First Lady welcomed King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain at 2:12 pm in the South Portico, as the rain fell on Washington D.C.

A cool mist began to fall on the South Lawn before King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain arrived. Red carpet flanked by flags of US and Spain led to the Diplomatic Reception Room doors. Then, a thunderclap and some rumbles, getting louder as their Majesties’ motorcade approached.

President Trump and First Lady walked out as the black SUV pulled to a stop at 2:11 pm. King Felipe exited back left and walked around the back. SUV pulled away. Handshakes. Foursome poses for photos. They went inside just as the rain got harder.

Ar 2:15 pm the president and king walked the colonnade to the Oval followed by their wives.

The President and the King shook hands, the couples posed for a photo and headed for the Oval Office, where they were scheduled to have a short meeting alone, followed by a 30-minute expanded bilateral.

POTUS took no questions from reporters
King Felipe and Letiza at the Oval Office

Oval Office spray started at 2:19. POTUS took no questions from the press pool.

Trump and the king in the chairs. Queen on the sofa to the right of the king.

“It’s a great honor to have the king and queen of Spain. It’s a beautiful country. we were in Spain not so long ago and we love it… Our relationship has been outstanding over the years…. Excellent trade relationship, military relationship. Just about everything you can have.  So we love Spain.”

The pool, many showing signs of the rain endured while standing in the Rose Garden for the Colonnade walk, was then ushered out. Shouted questions were met only with a “thank you” or serene silence as the large press contingent filed out over the next 90 seconds or so.

The first meeting between King Felipe and President Trump

This is King Felipe VI’s first meeting with President Trump, but it’s his sixth visit to the White House since he came here in 1989 as heir to the throne.It’s also his second visit since he became King in 2014. The first was in September 2015.

He’s expected to raise Spain and the EU’s concern about the Trump Administration’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, according to Spanish diplomatic sources.

Spain is also worried about the announced tariffs on Spanish black olives, which could be of 34.7 %.
They could also talk about immigration policy in the EU and the US. On Sunday, more than 600 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean and turned away by Italy and Malta arrived in Spain, where the new socialist government promised them free healthcare and to investigate each asylum case. 5 dayThe

The independence movement in Catalonia is not expected to be a focus of the King’s visit. Last September, during former PM Rajoy’s visit to Washington, President Trump said it was “foolish” for leaders in that region to want to detach from Spain.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia are wrapping 5-day visit to the US. They also visited New Orleans and San Antonio to mark the 300 anniversary of those cities, with a rich Spanish heritage. They had meetings today at the World Bank and IDB and will meet this afternoon with Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Paul Ryan, as well as with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

King Felipe VI, speaking in English, noted that they had visited Texas and Louisiana before  Washington DC. “This is a great end to a perfect trip. We appreciate very much our common history, our heritage. So many years that we share. … So many issues of common interest… as well as there is one basic common issue, which is our value for democracy,” he said.

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