President Trump attacked Kavanaugh’s second accuser, saying that she was drunk.

We just had a very newsy pool spray with Trump ahead of his meeting with the Columbian president. We are transcribing full 16-minute exchange but highlights include:


President Trump attacking Kavanaugh’s second accuser, saying that she was drunk and calling out what he called time lapses in her account of the alleged incident. He blamed the current state of play with Kavanaugh on the Democrats – calling it a C-O-N, con on their part and saying they just “resist and obstruct” since Kavanaugh has the chance to be one of the greatest justices.


On Iran, he went further than he’s gone before saying that he could see the U.S. relationship with Iran following the same trajectory as the U.S. relationship with North Korea.


On Venezuela, he did not rule out military action.


And on North Korea, he again highlighted the progress of the U.S./North Korea de-nuclearization talks and said they are going far better than people understand.


Fuller quotes/transcript to come shortly. Thanks

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