President Trump and FLOTS have boarded AF1 for Washington D.C.

Good morning from beautiful, breezy Palm Beach on the final day of this (choose your adjective) year.

President Trump’s motorcade departed Mar-a-Lago at 11:09am for the airport. Your pooler could not spot the president through the dark windows of his SUV. 

The motorcade came to a slow crawl as we approached crowds of supporters standing along Southern Blvd. There are many more people lining the road than usual (a few hundred people, by my guess). Some were waving American flags and pro-Trump signs. There were also a few with Biden signs, with one saying “Biden won you lost get over it.” My eagle eyed co-pooler Emily Goodin spotted a small group wearing shirts with the Proud Boys black and yellow insignia. 

The pool was tested for Covid this morning. 


At 11:21am President Trump and the First Lady boarded Air Force One (the 747) without making remarks to the press. 

The president wore a suit and red tie and the First Lady wore white pants and a black jacket, and waved before boarding. 

The pool spotted Avi Berkowitz and Johnny McEntee also boarding the plane. 

We are rolling down the tarmac now. See you in Washington, D.C. where the weather I hear is not as nice. 

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