Prior to returning to the United States today, the President visited JS Kaga, Japan’s largest warship, and the USS Wasp to thank soldiers for their service.

President Trump’s motorcade was greeted by a variety of friendly onlookers who captured photos and waved. A nearby street corner was decorated with MAGA banners and American flags.

Prior to heading back to the United States on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 the president spoke to both American and Japanese soldiers and dignitaries.

When speaking of his brief visit to Japan President Trump stated that it had been a “tremendous couple of days.” He also made it a point to stand in solidarity with Japan and the victims of the recent Tokyo stabbing.

The president’s first stop of the day was over an hour outside of Tokyo at the JS Kaga. The JS Kaga carries helicopters and is described as “strictly defensive.” According to Time it is Japan’s largest warship since World War II.

“As you know, Japan recently announced its intent to purchase 105 brand new, stealth F-35 fighter aircraft.  The best in the world. This purchase would give Japan the largest fleet of F-35s of any of our allies,” proclaimed President Trump aboard the JS Kaga.  “And soon, this very ship will be upgraded to carry that cutting-edge aircraft. With this extraordinary new equipment, the JS Kaga will help our nations defend against a range of complex threats in the region and far beyond.”

Japan has begun to take additional action to step up its defensive capabilities due to increased threats associated with missile testing in China and North Korea. In addition to beefed-up aircraft and warships, Japan also has access to military support from the United States.

President Trump ended his visit on the US Kaga by thanking Japan’s Prime Minister for “commitment to improving Japan’s defense capabilities, which also advances the security of the United States of America” and thanking service members everything they do to “safeguard our people.”

Next, the President boarded Marine One and headed off to the nearby USS Wasp, a United States Navy multipurpose assault ship, where he’d make a Memorial Day address to United States troops.

He and the first lady were greeted by a single file line of sailors in military fatigues. They greeted the senior ranking service members one by one before making their way inside the ship.

The president was then greeted by the roaring applause of approximately 800 service members before taking the stage to address them. They held up their phones to take photos of the president as he spoke to them. Obviously excited, some sailors even had “Make Aircrew Great Again” patches on their jumpsuits.

Sailors cheered loudly as the president named the nearby warships that the sailors had traveled from in order to take part in his Memorial Day address. President Trump focused on his belief in “peace through strength.” He then went on to applaud the bravery exhibited by the United States troops and wished them all a “very happy Memorial Day” before departing back to Tokyo on Marine One.

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