The first meeting of the President of Chile with President Trump is taking place today at the White House.

President Piñera of Chile was scheduled to arrive at the White House at around 1:45 pm.

Your pooler did not see the arrival because it was incompatible with covering the Oval Office Spray.

We’re waiting to get into the Oval Office.

Some context on President Piñera and his visit:

President Piñera assumed power last March for a second nonconsecutive term. He was also President of Chile between 2010 and 2014. 

He’s a conservative, and, like President Trump, he made his career in business, but he was critical of President Trump when he got elected.

This is his first meeting with President Trump. It’s not his first visit to the White House: in June 2013, during his first term, he met here with then-President Barack Obama.

This time, Mr. Piñera came straight from New York, where he spoke yesterday before the UN General Assembly and gave a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Today, he met with members of the House Committee on Foreign Relations and with the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro. 

He also gave a speech at the OAS, where he said that the military option “is not a good option” for Venezuela.

He’s going back to Chile tonight, according to his office.

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