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Daily Download on PEOTUS: In a day when he was announced the Time’s Person of the Year, Trump picks Terry Branstad for the next Ambassador to China.

This morning, President-elect was announced on Today’s Show as the Time’s Person of the Year, to which he responded that he was thrilled and honored to receive this distinction.

Last night, President-elect held the rally in Fayetteville where he officially announced his intention to nominate General Mattis for the Secretary of Defense. In the statement, President-elect noted that Gen. Mattis is one of the most effective Generals and extraordinary leaders of our time.

Already this morning, President-elect Trump, recently nominated Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and his Chief of Staff of the Transition team, attended the fundraising breakfast to prepare for the inauguration. Over 850 people were in attendance. At the event, President-elect announced Terry Branstad, Republican Governor of Iowa to serve as the next Ambassador to China.

Gov. Branstad has already accepted the position. Trump said that Branstad has extraordinary experience and an excellent understanding of trade and agricultural issues as well as the cultural fluidity with China and Chinese people. “It is very clear that he will represent our country well on the world stage,” President-elect said.

In Washington D.C., the Vice President-elect started his day in the business roundtable executive committee. Pence will be then attending transition meetings and will be heading to New York to attend additional transition meetings.

In New York, Trump will meet with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a brother of Ari Emanuel who has already been in November’s meetings with Trump in Bedminster.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory who has just lost the re-election bid, is also sceduled to meet Trump today at Trump Tower,  the Manhattan White House. The agenda is expected to consist of discussion regarding education, energy, and job creation. McCrory is someone who the President-elect has had a chance to get to know on the campaign trail, and he thinks of him as a solution-oriented leader of great talent. According to sources in the Transition team, the two leaders have a very good rapport.

President-elect will then have a meeting with Scott Pruitt, Attorney General of Oklahoma who led Oklahoma in a multi state lawsuit against  President Barack Obama over his executive action to spare many from deportation, due to the fact that nearly 5 million people live in the U.S. illegally.

Andrew F. Pudzer CEO of CKE restaurants a loyal Trump’s  advocate on the campaign trail is set to meet President-elect for the second time. It has been suggested that Trump finds Pudzer to be an excellent advocate for the economic message and someone who can provide a good advice for what President-elect wants in terms of moving the economy forward.

With this, Daily Download of The Pavlovic Today concludes a pretty in-depth look at President’s schedule for the day.  


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