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President-elect Trump so far made 30 appointments today and his team remains to meet the candidates for the four remaining slots in his cabinet. Yesterday, President-elect Donald J. Trump met with two candidates for the Secretary of Agriculture former Lieutenant Governor of California Abel Maldonado and Elsa Murano a former president of Texas A&M University. So far, the transition team has received over 8000 job applications from individuals interested in serving in the next administration. 

Despite Trump’s tweets, it has been confirmed today that current President Obama called President-elect Trump to talk inaugural activities and they continued with transitional activities. The presidential support team is preparing everything for inauguration so the transition from one family to another is smoothly facilitated.  So far, President-elect had 75 calls with the world leaders and more will be scheduled in the coming days. 

Since the election, the Office of National Engagement had nearly seven hundred representatives from a variety of associations and corporations providing their ideas and feedback to twelve listening sessions. 

As announced yesterday, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has committed to a call from President-elect to move 5000 + jobs from overseas to America.  In his statement, Marcelo Claure said:  “We are excited to work with President-elect Trump and his administration to do our part of driving economic growth and creating jobs in the U.S.”

Sean Spicer affirmed today that the Americans will start to see more of similar moves by business leaders who want to help the business climate and job creation in America.

Today, President-elect continues with his meetings about national security, transition, and his Inauguration speech.

One of the issues raised today has again been his stand on the Russian cyber hack. Sean Spicer said that there are two aspects regarding the President-elect’s stand on the Russian cyber hack: the political part wherein the President-elect’s view  many people on the left  are trying to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s win and then the second piece which concerns the actual proof of the hack. Intelligence officials are invited to put on the record so the President-elect Trump could see further facts as to what is in public domain. 

We will resume with our Daily Download tomorrow.

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