President Biden and his First Lady make a grand entrance on the streets of DC, flanked by the military escort. 


Journalists got out of their vans at Constitution Ave and 15th, loading onto flat-bed trucks from which the final part of Biden’s arrival at the White House was documented. 

At 15:26 the motorcade started to roll.  

President-elect Biden received a Presidential Escort from 15th Street to the White House. Every branch of the military was represented in the escort, including The U.S. Army Band, a Joint Service Honor Guard, the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, and Fife and Drum Corps from the 3rd U.S. Infantry “The Old Guard”.

The President and First Lady walked up the North Lawn driveway as a band played, past flags of all 50 states, DC, and five overseas territories. They climbed the six red-carpeted steps to the North Portico at 15:50.  

Biden was asked what his message to the world was. “Unity,” he answered, and at 15:52, the  President entered the White House for his first time as president. 

The Presidential Escort to the White House will be followed by a “Parade Across America,” which will be televised.  

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