Upon landing in Chicago, Illinois, President Biden was asked if he supports “the short-term debt ceiling deal.” The president crossed his fingers.  Asked if he would sign the deal, Biden said that he still needs to make sure there is a debt ceiling deal.

Earlier today, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that a debt ceiling short-term deal is a “positive step forward” as it would give the Democrats “some breathing room from the catastrophic default we were approaching because of Senator McConnell’s decision to play politics with our economy.”
Jean-Pierre said that the President has been in close contact with Leader Schumer. Jen-Pierre added that “this should have never have been a political game from the start.” She criticized the Republicans for brining America to the brink of default. “Addressing the debt limit shouldn’t be a partisan football. This is about paying the debt that both parties have already incurred, including the $8 trillion under Trump and McConnell,” she concluded.

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