President Joe Biden has called for “commonsense gun safety reforms” following the gun violence incidents that occurred over the weekend. In a statement, the President expressed grief over the loss of at least four people who were killed at a teen’s birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, and two others killed in a public park in Louisville. He also expressed his concern over the rising number of gun-related deaths of children in America. Biden said, “What has our nation come to when children cannot attend a birthday party without fear?”

The President also praised Tennessee Governor Bill Lee for signing an Executive Order to expand background checks and for calling on the Tennessee statehouse to pass a red flag law. Biden urged other Republican officials to follow suit and take action on gun safety reforms. He said, “This past week Americans saw national Republican elected leaders stand alongside the NRA in a race to the bottom on dangerous laws that further erode gun safety.Our communities need and deserve better.”

Biden further stated that Congress has the power to require safe storage of firearms, background checks for all gun sales, eliminate gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability, and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He urged Congress to act on these reforms without delay.

“I stand ready, as I always have been, to work across the aisle in good faith on federal legislation that will save lives,” Biden said.


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President Biden announced a new executive order aimed at reducing gun violence by increasing background checks for firearm sales, strengthening “red flag” laws, and holding the gun industry accountable. “It will accelerate and intensify the work to save more lives more quickly,” Biden stated. Speaking at Monterey Park, where members of the Asian-American community survived…

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  1. We can make America safe again if those committing these horrible crimes were prosecuted and held accountable. No Red blooded American is going to give up their guns. Punish all for the actions of others.

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