In his first act as sitting President, Biden leans into his campaign messaging.

Biden’s inauguration was many things: a relief to some, anticipated, doubted by others, and ultimately threatened, but, today, it was also celebrated. The former Vice President became the sitting President of the United States in the early afternoon today, and he came in swinging. 

“Today, we celebrate the triumph of democracy after an election that saw more Americans voting than ever before in our Nation’s history, and the will of the people has been heard and heeded,” President Biden’s first Proclamation began. “In this dire moment, democracy prevailed.” 

January 20 is to be observed as a National Day of Unity from now on. The unity spoken about is an ideal the American people will forever be striving towards, as Biden acknowledged. On the current political climate, he said, “We also feel the rise in political extremism and domestic terrorism —  unleashed just days ago on our Capitol, the citadel of freedom, but brewing long before — that we must confront and defeat.” 

Biden’s positive outlook is undoubtedly refreshing. Although he sees “a moment of great peril and promise for our Nation,” he seems to be making good on his promise of unity. “On this inauguration day I swear an oath to be a president for all Americans and ask every American to join me in this cause of democracy,” Biden called on the nation to give him a chance.