President Joe Biden attended a private Catholic Mass on Ash Wednesday during his visit to Poland, according to Polish priest Wieslaw Dawidowski. The Mass was held in a room at the Marriott Hotel, where the President stayed during his trip to Warsaw, and was celebrated by Father Dawidowski.

In a post on his Facebook page, Father Dawidowski revealed that he had the honor of placing ashes on the forehead of the US President. The Mass took place in an improvised chapel  in a hotel room, with the two praying for peace, the conversion of Russia, and the light of the Holy Spirit for President Biden.

Although the President’s attendance at the Ash Wednesday Mass was not on his official itinerary, a faded cross was observed on his forehead during the family photo at the B9 summit held at the Presidential Palace.

Father Dawidowski is an Augustinian, doctor of theology, and a publicist. He has a history of involvement in the anti-communist movement, having been arrested and sentenced to six months in prison during martial law as a high school student.


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