“We’ve done a lot of promises and we’ve kept them all,” said POTUS at VA event in Las Vegas.

More from VA event.

POTUS was wearing a dark suit and red tie.

He praised Wilkie, the governor, the senator and the attorney general and spoke about how he was delivering on a campaign promise to help veterans.

“One more promise the Trump administration is keeping.”

“We’ve done a lot of promises and we’ve kept them all.”

“You back me and I back you,” he said of veterans. “That’s the way it work. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.”

POTUS spoke about the VA Accountability Act that holds people accountable for wrongdoing.

“We had people that really mistreated our veterans. They are now being held accountable that’s why it calls teh VA Accountability Act — and they are being held seriously accountable, right Mr. Secretary? He’s had a lot of fun…We take care of our good ones and the others are held accountable, right?”

“…They could be sadists — we had some of them too, it doesn’t sound nice. They could be thieves. They could rob you blind, they could steal money and you couldn’t do anything about it. Now, you can do whatever you want.”

He also mentioned the VA choice  bill that allows veterans to see private doctors. He said lawmakers had tried to pass this for 40 years but failed.

“They have the right to go see a private doctor,” he said. “in the end, we got it done.”

POTUS asked Vincent Putignano, Veteran (Retired Sergeant, United States Marine Corps) to speak about VA choice. 

“This is a very special situation. I’m getting old. I think a couple people in here are too…” He then turned to look at POTUS, who smiled while the audience laughed.

He said he was able to find a podiatrist to treat a bleeding ulcer on his toe who made a house call. “Who does that?” He asked. 

He thanked POTUS.

“No longer do they have to stand and wait and not get the proper care…that’s because of you.”

Trump responded to him: “Thank you very much. Take care of that toe.”

POTUS spoke about Hurricane Florence hitting North and South Carolina. He said North Carolina has been largely hit but tomorrow South Carolina will experience additional fooding or as he described a “massive amounts of water.”

“Watch tomorrow. It’s going to be a tough one.” 

“They’re ready. They’re really ready.”

He said he is working with both governors of both state, who are doing good jobs.

“Our nation mourns this tragic loss of life.”

“Working with state and local leaders, we will not rest until that entire rebuilding, North and South Carolina predominantly, is complete. Really great leadership in both places.”

POTUS signed the bill and handed the First to Wilkie and then handed a pen to Laxalt and Ssandavol but slipped over Heller.

Many thanks to poolers Julie Davis and Debra Sanders.

The White House passes along this information:

On stage participants

Governor Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada 

Secretary Robert Wilkie, United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Senator Dean Heller, United States Senator from Nevada

Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Republican Nominee for Governor

Attorney General of Nevada Director Peggy Kearns, Director of the United States

Department of Veterans Affairs’ Southern

Nevada Healthcare System

Director Katherine Miller, Director of the Nevada Department of Veterans Services 

Wesley Matheny, Korean War Veteran (Retired Specialist 3rd Class, United States Army) 

Leslie Lingo, Veteran (Retired Staff Sergeant, United States Army) 

Juan Diaz, Veteran (Petty Officer 1 Class, United States Navy)

Vincent Putignano, Veteran (Retired Sergeant, United States Marine Corps)

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