“Our country is doing very well”, says POTUS.

Good morning from Morristown, NJ. Marine One landed at Morristown Airport at 11:46am.
POTUS stepped off Marine One at 11:51am, wearing a blue suit.
The president walked over to the pool and began speaking.
Rough notes below (please check quotes against transcript or video):
“Our country is doing very well”
Says other countries are devaluing their currencies.
He noted the rise in the stock market and said it was up “because of tariffs”
He said China “would really like to make a deal” and that he delayed the tariffs because of a “very good call with China”
“They have a very big problem with Hong Kong” he said, not elaborating.
The president also commented about his retweet of a conspiracy theory linking the Clintons to Epstein’s death. He said it was a retweet.
“I want a full investigation”

Gaggle ongoing.

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