POTUS welcomed Danny Burch back in the Oval Office. He also made comments on China talks.

POTUS welcomed Danny Burch back in the Oval Office. Burch, wearing a blue suit, blue shirt and striped tie, sat in the seat usually occupied by the visiting foreign leader and seemed delighted to be there. “We got him out and we’re very happy about it,” POTUS said. “And Danny, welcome home.” He said there are negotiations going on for other hostages but would not say more.
In response to questions, POTUS said China talks are “going okay, moving along” and “we’ll see what happens.” Asked about the report of North Korea rebuilding missile test facilities, he said, “I would be very disappointed if that is happening” but “it’s a very early report.”
Asked about the Senate consideration of the national emergency declaration, he said, “We’ll have to see how the vote goes.”
Also present were VPOTUS as well as Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney, who POTUS said happened to be here on other matters, and Robert O’Brien, the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs. A young man identified as Burch’s son sat on the couch with the two senators.
Fuller transcript to come.

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