Good morning from the White House. All is quiet for now. Both the in-town and out-of-town pools were tested for Covid-19 roughly an hour ago by White House doctors. According to his schedule, POTUS is in an 11 a.m. meeting with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which is listed as closed press. Our first scheduled chance to see POTUS is his 12:20 p.m. departure to JBA for his trip to Florida.

Marine One touched down at 12:45 pm. POTUS and FLOTUS boarded AF1 — at the top of the stairs, POTUS stopped and gave a little fist pump before disappearing into the plane.

They were followed by Mark Meadows, Jared Kushner and Dan Scavino, all maskless like the first couple. We’re taxiing for takeoff at 12:55 pm.

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