Here’s what you need to know about Biden-Modi virtual meeting.

  • This is the fourth 2+2 ministerial meeting, the first one under the Biden Administration.
  • The first three were during the Trump Admin. The last one was held in New Delhi on October 27, 2020. 
  • Even though COVID-19 pandemic curtailed in-person engagements, interactions at all levels, including at the Leaders’ level, continued on virtual platforms.

At a virtual meeting, President Bide sat at a round table with Sec Blinken at his right side. Defense Secretary Austin and National Security Adviser Sullivan were also seated at table alongside Indian officials.

In the background there was a sign that read United States/India. The U.S. and Indian flag were also on the stage.

POTUS told PM Narendra Modi he looked forward to “our continued consultation and dialogue.”

PM Narednra Modi made his stance on killings in Bucha: “We instantly condemn the killings.”  He promised that India will send Ukraine medications it has requested. 

Need To Know Facts About The Expansion of Bilateral Partnership

 • In the last one year of the Biden Administration, India-US partnership has seen an upward trajectory across diverse sectors.

 • U.S.-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership was launched during the Leaders Climate Summit in April 2021. In November 2021, the US joined the International Solar Alliance.

 • On the trade front, India-US goods trade reached a historic high of US$ 113 billion in calendar year 2021, with a jump of 45% from 2020.

 • Decades old market access issues with the US have been resolved. From this year, Indian mangoes and pomegranates will be available in the US while pork, alfalfa hay & cherries from the US will be exported to India.

 • FDI from the US into India jumped from US$ 4 billion in 2019-2020 to US$ 14 billion in 2020-21. Much of this investment went into the tech sector.

 • India-US cooperation further strengthened in critical and emerging technologies (semiconductors, AI, 5G, ORAN) both bilaterally and under the Quad framework.

 • During the second wave of the pandemic in India, the US rushed critical supplies, including oxygen and Remdesivir, worth US$ 500 million to India.

 • Three US vaccines are currently being manufactured in India: Janssen by Biological-E (J&J), Corbevax by Biological-E (Baylor College of Medicine, Texas) and Covovax by Serum Institute (Novovax).

 • US companies have been critical in supplying material/adjutant for vaccines. The Biden Administration announced its support for negotiating the TRIPS waiver at the WTO.

 • On the defense side, the relationship has further strengthened. The focus has been on the implementation of the four foundational agreements (LEMOA, COMCASA, BECA, and ISA).

 • Both sides have deepened military to military cooperation and have participated in a number of bilateral and multilateral military exercises on land, air, sea, signifying the broad and multi-domain cooperation.

 • The two forces have exercised together in cold-weather (Yudh Abhayas), for special ops (Tarkash), in the Indian Ocean Region (Passex, Malabar Milan), and off-coast of Africa (Ex-Cutlass).

 • Both sides have also deepened mil-mil coop through placement of liaison officers

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