Close to three thousand people came to hear president Trump at the Philly Convention Center.

The Convention center was packed for the president. Roughly 2-3,000 people. They were rather subdued ahead of POTUS’ entrance. However he received a warm cheer when he took the stage and there were many laughs when he joked about putting on a NECA hard hat and spoiling his hair. “Am I having a good hair day?” he asked.


He was introduced by the National Electrical Contractors’ Association (NECA) president David Long.


Speech was open press and broadcast, focusing on the economy and renegotiation of trade agreements. Biggest applause was when he talked about keeping companies hiring in the United States, manufacturing in the USA, etc. 


His statement that he is preventing the Democrats from taking from Medicare to “fund socialism” got cheers. So did his mention of an end to the estate tax/death tax and promotion of vocational training.


Side note: also on AF1 was Dave Urban, who managed Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania.


Pool is now being hurried back to van to rejoin AF1 for the next leg to Mississippi


More to come…

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