Pete Buttigieg (Photo: ©Chuck Kennedy/PFA )

Biden once said that Pete Buttigieg reminds him of his late son, Beau. Now, he is considering him for the role of the U.S. Ambassador to China.

Pete Buttigieg is under consideration for the high profile foreign policy role of the Ambassador to China, amid rising tensions vis-a-vis US-China relations. A former DNC’s presidential candidate, dropped out from the race in March to help Joe Biden win the nomination, a move that President-elect is looking to reward now. 

Buttigieg is a former Mayor of Indiana’s South Bend and a veteran who fought in Afghanistan. His presidential ambitions are yet to be pursued and the foreign policy experience in the Biden administration fits well within the desired background of the American president. 

The news comes against the backdrop of the investigative story Axios published about a suspected Chinese spy who developed extensive ties with US politicians, Congressman Eric Swalwell being one of them. 

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