Creativity helps us solve problems, and foster a rock solid, individual approach to living. Here are 5 ways to integrate creative thinking into your everyday life

Creativity helps us solve problems, and foster a rock solid, individual approach to living. Here are 5 ways to integrate creative thinking into your everyday life

1. Ask why

Asking why promotes wonder. In fact, asking why promotes wonder so well, several companies have made a fortune banking on the fact that you might, such as Google. While some companies bank on your information, others bank on your time, research and personal effort, such as Wikipedia. Recently, a friend admitted that in a creative slump, she took to answering questions on Quora to calm her nerves. She literally found new topics to research and questions to answer. Now, she’s happily back in grad school. Despite her new pressures, having an intellectual pursuit has proved worthwhile within and without the classroom.

2. Rethink Competition

Competition is best measured against ourselves, the strengths we cultivated in the rich soil of our own personality. Latent creativity might dwell in a within you, but comparing yourself to someone you think is creative can undermine your own unique voice. Look forward, keep your head up and stay in your lane. Pass the baton to your higher self, keeping your eye on the prize ahead. That lane is probably wider than you think. According to fine artist John Caponegro, there are 8 styles of creativity. For a well written recap of his TED Talk, You’re A Lot More Creative Than You Think,check out this blogpost by Susan K. Minarick.

3. Shift your perspective

Your story is about who, and where you are as an agent that moves between spaces. One way we can feel empowered by creativity, is to challenge our place in the world. Your interpretation of your story transforms a place into a space where you are acting rather than permanently fixed. In Michel De Certeau’s, The Practice of Everyday Life, he discusses the opposition between “place” and “space.” “Place”is defined as an object within a landscape having less agency, where “place” is about movement, operation, and the production of history. Produce history, rather than watch it go by. Engage!

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