VP Pence tells Russia to cease all support for the Maduro regime and stand with Juan Guaido.

Fuller Pence remarks. Please check against transcript.
“It is a great honor to be able to welcome the first lady of Venezuela here to the White House. It is extraordinary to see what Fabiana and her courageous husband, interim President Juan Guaidó have done for freedom in Venezuela already.”
“Juan Guaidó is the only legitimate president of Venezuela. Venezuela is in crisis after years of dictatorship and oppression. Nine out of 10 people in Venezuela live in poverty, three million people in Venezuela have fled their country under the brutal regime of Nicolas Maduro.”
“Nicolas Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. It is the policy of the  United States of America, under the direction of President Donald Trump, that Nicolas Maduro must go.”
“It was our great honor, when your husband took the oath of office as the legitimate president of Venezuela, to be the first nation on earth to recognize Juan Guaidó as the president of Venezuela. To see him and his courageous wife stand before the crowds, take the oath of office under the constitution of Venezuela, was inspiring not just to people across our hemisphere and across this country but all over the world.”
“We call on nations all across the hemisphere to join with us to stand for freedom in Venezuela. We call on nations across the world who are supporting the corrupt regime of Nicolas Maduro to end that support.”
“The United States views Russia’s arrival of military planes this weekend as an unwelcome provocation and we call on Russia today to cease all support for the Maduro regime and stand with Guaidó stand with nations across this hemisphere and around the world until freedom is restored.”
“Our message very simply is we’re with you and the United States is going to stand with you, stand with your courageous husband, stand with the freedom- loving people of Venezuela.”
Pool was then ushered out, to be replaced by the regular White House pool because President Trump was coming in.

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