Military Appreciation Month

Vice President Mike Pence shows his appreciation for military families and veterans by appearing in the honor flight program, an initiative which recognizes Public service recognition week and military appreciation month. Approximately 200 people, comprising mostly of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans, were hosted in the Indian Treaty Room to acknowledge the military service they have done for their country. In Pence’s short speech, he showed his immense support for the veterans and pointed out how he himself is in a military family, with his son currently serving in the Marines and how his father served in Korea. Pence also provided insight about President Trump’s support for the military and how he signed a bill last week, The Veteran’s Choice Act, which will allow veterans to receive the high-quality healthcare that they deserve and currently lack the military department’s subpar healthcare system. Pence stresses how Trump has “been fighting every day since the outset of this administration to give our armed forces the resources and the support they need to accomplish their mission and come home safe.” Trump has managed to sign into legislation to increase government spending on the military by $21 billion, which is the biggest investment in military readiness in nearly a decade. As a result, the military will become more appreciated as a group, because it seemed as if before, the parity rule caused spending on military to be justified only if there was increased spending on other areas as well. Pence ends his speech by further acknowledging the hard work veterans have done and how much they sacrifice on a daily basis for the safety of the American people. To celebrate Military Appreciation Month and Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Pence has hosted 160 members of the military family in his ceremonial office, with the family rabbit BOTUS, (Bunny of the United States) being in the spotlight. 60 children were at the event and had a quote enjoyable time playing with the bunny of the United States while eating ice-cream and drinking lemonade. Ivanka Trump made the opening remarks to the group, showing her appreciation for the veterans and their families. She stated the “courage and strength of our incredible military spouses” and “their commitment and dedication” being as critical a service to the United States. After Pence made his remarks about the veterans, the event came to a conclusion with children posing for pictures with BOTUS (Bunny of the United States).     Read More: “A Surprise Meeting With Henry Kissinger In The Oval Office”

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