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Oprah Winfrey always acknowledged that there is no luck if you aren’t prepared to handle moments of opportunity that arise. These are the 5 things you need to do to be successful. 

1. Connect with your audience

Oprah Winfrey always understood and practiced the idea that there is no difference between her and her audience. She says, “I may be wearing more expensive shoes but, at the core of what really matters, we’re the same.” When she realized that every person seeks to fulfill the truest expression of themselves, she was able to create a platform that allowed her to reach everyone around the globe. Oprah remains a sensation due to her understanding that the bond between your audience is equally as important as the bond between the people you buy from and people that financially support you, e.g. your stakeholders.

2. Control your moves

We’re often overwhelmed by our end goal, which appears as a mountain in front of us, one we can’t climb. Understanding your next right move, like Oprah says, helps you work effectively towards your goal. Accomplishing goals is a series of understanding your next moves. While you strategize your next move, remember to not look back. Oprah’s talk show always had competitors, and what she told her team to maintain morale was, “you can’t control the other guy. You can only control your moves.” So it’s about running the race as hard as you can and not wasting any energy to look back on what the other guy is doing.

3. Keep your feet on the ground

“As I became more financially stable, I realized I could own more shoes, nicer shoes, but my feet remained on the ground,” says Oprah who firmly believes in staying centered and grounded. She continues to do the “consciousness work” by working at staying awake. What is she awakened by? Her spirituality and spiritual practices, which are not to be confused with religion. According to Oprah, your spiritual practice is what you do to keep yourself centered. Her spiritual practice is fueled by her desire to be a better person on Earth. Remember to constantly engage in your spiritual practice and keep your feet grounded.

4. Seize the opportunities and the moment

Oprah always acknowledged that there is no luck if you aren’t prepared to handle moments of opportunity that arise. When presented with an opportunity, seize it. Her path has taught her that life prepares you in ways you don’t even realize until you are accosted by a certain, often unexpected, opportunity. Each moment in your life is preparing you for the moments to come. So, seize it, the opportunity and the moment. And, with that, remember there is no success to luck if you aren’t prepared.

5. Believe

When her grandmother was putting up clothes on the line, as a maid, she said, “Oprah Gail, watch me because you are going to have to do this yourself one day.” At the age of 4 or 5, Oprah knew that this is not what she wanted her life to be. She believed. Her grandmother’s dream for her was that she would work for “good white folks”, people that would treat her well and feed her. The belief that she did not want to live her life as a maid is something Oprah held onto for years. That belief in herself and knowing her potential contributed to her success and shaped her into the Oprah Winfrey we know today. So, believe. In yourself and in your dreams.

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