American Millennial Bessie Bauman, writes an Open Letter to Hillary Clinton. She says she is afraid for the future of this country. She is sad. She is livid. 

I hope this letter provides you with some solace, Secretary Clinton.

I wish I could be calling you President-Elect. What happened last night was unprecedented, but I don’t think it was a fault of you or your campaign. You won the popular vote but the electoral college flipped and turned red and blue up until the very last moment. You lost because of something much more malicious.

Secretary Clinton, you lost because Donald Trump was able to unearth some of the worst in Americans. He successfully made xenophobia, racism, sexism, and ableism acceptable. His frightening rallies and shocking press conferences seemed to resonate more with angry white Americans than anyone else. I am sad to say that enough Americans in our great nation were willing enough to give into their supremacist rage to elect the man who was supposed to be a joke.

It seems to me this is white America’s last stand. For many people who enjoy the benefits of white privilege, electing Hillary Clinton was a threat to the continuation of President Barack Obama’s work.

Trump, by extension, was and is the symbol for the dissatisfied white working class platform. His promises to build a wall, condemn gay marriage, and rip NAFTA to shreds were just what they wanted to hear. These policy choices were seemingly airtight solutions to what has been wildly perceived as the destruction of America under Obama, who was “the worst damn president we’ve ever had” as I’ve heard from some of my conservative acquaintances (even though I have yet to hear concrete implementation plans from the Trump camp).

Secretary Clinton, I am so sorry that his bombastic speech defeated your policy proposals. I am really sorry. I wish this didn’t happen. Last night, when states turned at the last second, I sat in my bed contemplating what was going to happen. My mother who is deaf began telling me her concerns about the Trump administration. She is genuinely afraid of the future for the disabled. I am also frightened for those who are undocumented and and for those who are a part of the LGBTQIAP+ community. I’m afraid for everyone, basically.

On the matter of the emails and trustworthiness, I would like you to remember that you were more than your mistakes. I, personally, attribute it to the additional scrutiny you received for your gender. When pitting emails and racism against one another, I’d always choose to condemn racism. In the long run, I think people will realize that emails won’t build a wall, deconstruct health care, and possibly remove rights such as gay marriage, but Trump will.

I don’t really know where I am going with this. I am livid. I am sad. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You were supposed to be the first female President. I apologize for this mess. But, let me say this to you, Secretary Clinton. There will come a day when a “nasty woman” and a “bad hombre” lead our nation. I have no doubt about it. I want you to know that you were able to show civility and knowledge during your campaign when you were up against someone who likely was a slap in a face to you and your political experience. You have shown the strength that will never be forgotten. Your leadership will go down in history.

Thank you and never stop fighting,

Bessie Bauman

Bessie Bauman

Bessie Bauman is Contributor for Naked Opinion. She is an incoming freshman at Yale University. Bessie is an active participant in debate, student government, and service as well as in furthering her own...

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