In the face of the upcoming presidential election many voters are faced with a difficult decision that many have referred to as choosing the “lesser of two evils.”

In the face of the upcoming presidential election many voters are faced with a difficult decision that many have referred to as choosing the “lesser of two evils.”

To all elected GOP politicians:

How can you explain what American politics have come to? With over two-thirds of voting age Americans claiming to have a visceral reaction to the Republican sponsored nominee, many are turning their backs to conservative politics.

On one hand, there is a candidate who has hidden emails regarding specific incidents that cost live in the Middle East, specifically in Benghazi. On the other there is a candidate with no political experience whatsoever and the tendency to fully take advantage of his first amendment rights, regardless of the implications or consequences.

As a modern day relatively conservative millennial I am astounded by what you, the GOP, has been doing throughout the past eighteen months. In spite of having a plentiful amount of qualified candidates when the race began, none quite stuck. In the face of a chronic unfiltered tweeter many voters who are fiscally conservative, yet socially liberal are unsure who to turn to.

It is astonishing that so many politicians have begrudgingly agreed to endorse this candidate that you have thrust onto the political scene. Everyone from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, to Senators and Congressmen have agreed that party unity trumps the actual policy plans for the candidate. Why, Mr. Ryan, do you claim that the only way to beat out the Democratic Party is “to stay united”? Isn’t that hypocritical do to your inability to pass legislation, even with the majority?

As the political bloodbath continues post-conventions, Mr. Trump continues to say and tweet offensive slander. Yet, no officials in the Republican Party wish to step up and take responsibility. In the face of hardship, our elected politicians wish to act indifferent to adversity. Being the change makers that are elected by the people, for the people it is your responsibility to make an active difference. By allowing Mr. Trump and his slander to win is counterproductive for the GOP’s best interests.

When Mr. Trump talked ill of Khizr and Ghazala Khan’s son, who was killed by a suicide bomber in 2004 in Iraq, there was not huge uproar from conservative American politicians. In a report done by CNN, much of the disgust revolving around Mr. Trump’s statement in fact came from Republicans. If your voters are able to see the bigger issue then why can’t you, the elected officials, rally around us?

This past week, Mr. Trump, claimed that his support system of “Second Amendment people” could easily beat out Hilary Clinton. Many considered this a threat on Clinton’s life. However, even after a potential death threat, the only politician to publicly reverse their endorsement was a Congresswoman from Maine. Even after voters from New Hampshire and Pennsylvania who voted for Trump in the primaries announced that they were not going to vote for him come November, the GOP continues to remain stagnant.

With this amount of media coverage, it is absurd to think that no politicians have the bravery to break the mold and fight back. In fact, in less than a generation American politics has drastically changed. Many young Republicans speculate that the GOP will not be able to survive another presidential race and will eventually be split into two or three different political parties. We see that like during the Election of 1856, there are many controversial hot-button issues that impassion many Americans. Like pre-civil war, political parties are beginning to shape based on their stance on issues like abortion, Middle-East intervention, gun control, global warming, and economic sanctions.

As many are unsure of whom to support, the Green Party with Jill Stein and the Libertarian Party with Gary Johnson have gained more and more momentum. How can it be that the modern day Republican Party is floundering? What does that say about our politicians in congress?

A couple of months ago Democrats in the House staged a sit-in in order to push for stronger gun legislation. However, with too many lobbyists and political backlash the legislation never passed. Yet, this still shows more initiative than the Republican Party has put forth. With the majority in both the House and the Senate, Republican politicians should be focusing on making changes that will impact America. There are no excuses anymore.

Because the two parties are unwilling to bridge the divide and work across the aisle with one another many fed-up Americans have opted for a Third Party. By nomination two polarized candidates, the separation has caused even more of a divide both within the parties themselves, and between both entities as a whole.

Many young people now dislike and disagree with the Republican Party due to what they’ve seen Trump say. It is the responsibility of you, the GOP, to take action and not blindly wait for a loss in November. As politicians elected democratically by citizens of the United States, it is your civic duty to listen to the people and deliver true change.

Elizabeth Brewer is an Associate Editor for Naked Opinion. She is Yale Young Global Scholar 2016. In her free time, she enjoys competitively swimming, debating, and discussing current events with her peers....

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