Air Force One touched down in Philadelphia at 11:48 a.m. after a turbulent flight. President Biden disembarked from the front of the plane just before noon, accompanied by a group of lawmakers.

He warmly embraced Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney before proceeding to meet a small group of families, including Secret Service personnel and White House military families and friends from Philly. The President engaged in handshakes, hugs, and conversations with them for a few minutes before rejoining the motorcade. During the interaction, a little girl handed the President what appeared to be a drawing, which he later passed on to a staffer. Additionally, he was gifted a hat by someone named Andy, and he playfully placed it on his head.

Biden arrived to the Philly shipyard facility around 12:20 pm.

The President was welcomed by the head of the apprenticeship program and walked alongside two women donning white hard hats. While engaging in conversations face to face, the President removed his aviators.

He proceeded to shake hands with a group of apprentices and received greetings from the leadership team next to a mock-up of the ship currently under construction. One of the men expressed his gratitude to the President, attributing his ability to work in the field to Biden’s policies.

Though difficult to hear amidst the noise, President Biden made a lighthearted remark that “wind doesn’t cause cancer,” which elicited laughter from the audience.

During his speech, which lasted more than 20 minutes and was live-streamed, attendees included labor union members, apprentices, shipyard workers, company leaders, and members of Congress.

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Notably, the President criticized Republicans who oppose his policies while simultaneously promoting the benefits these policies bring to their respective states and districts. He also emphasized the connection between Bidenomics and clean energy and climate policies.

The event concluded with President Biden indulging in his favorite activity: shaking hands with the crowd.


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