With inauguration day only – 15 days away, and the much coveted and publicized presidency of President-Elect Donald Trump almost becoming a reality, all eyes are on the White House and the actions of President Obama as his last term comes to an end.

Without a doubt, President Obama’s legacy will be a memorable one. Now, whether or not that legacy remains somewhat positive or is tainted by the new Republican establishment that will soon overpower all branches of government, only time will tell.

President Obama recently went to Capitol to talk to Democrats in the House and Senate regarding healthcare and the upcoming U.S. Congress, which will be comprised mainly of Republicans, who have the majority in both the Senate and the House.

The Republican Party has been very adamant thus far regarding repealing the Affordable Care Act, which would essentially demobilize ObamaCare and diminish a very large aspect of President Obama’s legacy.

ObamaCare has been the focal point of recent media attention, as many view it as Obama’s last standing legacy, and with Republicans promising its demise as soon as Trump is inaugurated, this may first appear as a final desperate plea to save his legacy, but the Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, says his intentions are different:

“The President’s priority and the President’s motivation is rooted in looking out for the interests of the 30 million Americans whose health care would be taken away if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

The process of actually repealing the Act, which would dismantle ObamaCare as a whole, is both cumbersome and complicated. Not only would the Republicans have to surmise a viable replacement plan almost immediately, but they would have to actually pass a repeal and a replacement, which in itself takes up a fair amount of work and contention.

A viable, concrete, and non-malicious replacement healthcare plan is one of the biggest hurdles the incoming GOP establishment will have to overcome in order to convene their power. Earnest said that  “the President has long been open to the idea that if there are Republicans who are genuinely interested in reforming the Affordable Care Act in a way that would strengthen the program, the President would be strongly supportive of that effort.”

But the issue herein lies in the fact that Republicans have consistently provided various means of deconstructing the health care plan, rather than focusing their efforts more on contriving an alternative but effective health care plan.

Other concerns regarding the transition of power between establishments include the defense systems currently in place concerning North Korea, as well as general foreign policy decisions by the United States and whether they will change drastically under President-Elect Trump.

It will also be interesting to note whether President-elect Trump will speak or act against his own establishment at any point, as he has been known to do in the past, or whether he will comply with their decisions.

President-elect Trump has made some comments on his twitter regarding the Republican decision to curtail the Office of Congressional Ethics and then the retracement of this decision, which caused some confusion. Trump thus far has appeared to be marching to the beat of his own drum, and it’ll be interesting to see how he acts as President of the United States.

The Pavlovic Today will continue to provide live updates based on press releases from the White House, read on to find out what President Obama and his team are planning for the next few weeks.Keep following our website for the latest updates on both Trump and Obama during the transition process.

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