November 8th

As many “anxiously” await the results presented on November 8th, it’s not as if it will be a surprise to anyone watching worldwide. With the end of a truly tumultuous election cycle, I personally, am glad that after 18 long months, it will soon be over.

All news and media outlets are on overdrive with everyone watching with bated breath. Trump or Hilary? Majority or Minority? Republican or Democrat? These questions may seem essential to some, but in all honesty it can pretty much be assumed that Secretary Clinton will be our next president. However, the likelihood of her gaining a two-term presidency is almost as preposterous as the “on-going” email server investigation.

Following the final presidential debate, it became apparent that there was now way Trump could come close to regaining what he once had in the polls. As shown in the satire of the SNL sketched with Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon, the candidates’  behavior is not far off.

Many adamant Clinton supporters were perplexed and frustrated with the sudden reopening of her email investigation by the FBI. Even though, she had already been subpoenaed, it seemed as though it ended with that. As the fight continues the two main themes in this year’s election seem to revolve around mistakes in both Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump’s personal lives.

This causes me to wonder whether American voters are more concerned with the overall fitness to be president, as opposed to the policies proposed by the individual. If so, how does that make us look to our foreign counterparts?

The Decision on November 8th

In a recent interactive feature presented by the New York Times, it shows that Secretary Clinton has an 87% chance of winning the upcoming election on November 8th. This will embody the epitome of her political career. She has waited many years and different election cycles in order to be victorious. She has a vast breadth of experience, which she will bring with her into office. Hillary’s biggest problem this election was connecting with millennial voters. This can be viewed as an even bigger issue due to the fact that social media has dominated this election and definitely has the largest influence on millennial voters.

In a media based society where technology is constantly evolving, it makes it hard to think and develop personal ideals and scruples when thousands of different opinions regarding the issue are constantly being published. As the results stream in on Tuesday night, it will not be a shock who is victorious. Every news outlet has released different polls and indicators – the majority of which point towards Secretary Clinton. The only other election that can be viewed as similarly tumultuous and controversial is the 2000 election with Al Gore v. George Bush. With that, the results were so close that a revote was called in Florida.

Hopefully this election will be a learning curve for a new era in American democracy. Aspiring to greatness during such an interesting time in history shows true perseverance. In four more years it will be election time again, although maybe the candidates will be accurate representations of what the American people desire, as opposed to simply choosing the better option comparatively speaking.

Elizabeth Brewer is an Associate Editor for Naked Opinion. She is Yale Young Global Scholar 2016. In her free time, she enjoys competitively swimming, debating, and discussing current events with her peers....

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