JFK files

According to this evening’s briefing, the White House plans to release most of the JFK files on schedule, but portions have been redacted.  The White House official also emphasized that the current redaction is under review, to ensure that they are releasing as much information as they can.

After this was explained, they took questions from the media.

(Paraphrases below, not direct quotes)

Q What has made changed between now and the past that makes this information available.

The sensitivity of the information declines over time.  The information being released relates to intelligence, law enforcement, and military.

Q  Why are we opening the information piece by piece rather than just “opening up a floodgate”?

The White House official emphasized the time sensitivity of the information, and that as the information because less sensitive over time, it can safely be released.

Q  How will this information be released?  Will it be online?

We digitized right away, and they will at first only be accessible online.  Images will also be available.

Q  Which government agencies or departments specifically asked for certain materials to be withheld?

I’ll have to get back to you on that, as I don’t have a specific list of the agencies that have requested this.

Q  Was it State, Agriculture, you must have some information?

The White House official simply repeated her statement, that she doesn’t have that information.

Q  Can you be specific about some of the redactions?  Was anything related to Oswald or Mexico City?

Records that will be released today are records that will be released in full.  The spreadsheets will be searchable so people can look for specific information that they are interested in.

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