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A nightmare come true, and this time not in disguise. Donald Trump is now President-Elect of the United States

What millions of Americans and people all over the world were dreading throughout the election cycle has become true, Donald Trump is now president-elect of the United States. A man who has spewed xenophobic, islamaphobic, and misogynistic rhetoric throughout the election cycle has become the most powerful man on Earth, but only time will tell how the American atmosphere will change throughout the next four years.

The most outlandish policies Trump suggested during the election cycle such as banning Muslim immigration to the U.S. completely, building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants are unconstitutional and highly unlikely happen, respectively.

As thankful as we can be that these policies will not be implemented, that is where the happiness about Trump’s victory ends.

His supporters have racially abused Muslims, African Americans, and Latinos all over the country, and from all age groups. This is not something that a liberal democracy should tolerate at all. From vandalism of black churches to physically abusing hijabi women, Trump supporters have shown that they’ve been empowered by a malignant force, and we can only pray that the situation doesn’t spiral out of control during the next four years.

The social fabric of the U.S. isn’t the only thing that is holding on for dear life.

According to NPR, Trump has outlined a plan for his first 100 days in office, and there are questionable proposals concerning the environment.

He will allow the Keystone Pipeline to move forward, life production restrictions on fossil fuels, and wants to cancel billions in American funds donated to UN climate change programs. In addition, he has chosen Myron Ebell, a well known climate change denier to lead his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition team.

With anthropogenic climate change being a scientific consensus, who knows what long lasting effects these policies will have on the U.S. and the world? Temporary profit that leads to permanent environmental damage is not worth the risk, and Trump will not be the one suffering when water sources around fossil fuel mines and pipelines become contaminated.

Another thing that upset me about Trump’s victory was the fact that he lost the popular vote, but won the majority of electors up for grabs. The U.S. is in need of electoral reform, and the election of a demagogue only further points out how desperately it needs to be made.

The electoral college was established to be the “brains” behind all the voters, especially those who were uneducated and didn’t know much about the political system. They ensured that uneducated would not have the chance to elect someone unfit for office. We can clearly see that this is not what occurred earlier today.

The electoral college ultimately decided that a candidate with a temper tantrum was granted the highest office in the nation.

The majority of the American public is now informed well enough to make the right choice about who they want for president due to wide access of information that is available at one’s fingertips and should not have electors get in the way of the American democratic process.

The last time a Republican defeated a Democrat due only to a higher number of electors won was in 2000 when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore, and we all know how disastrous his eight years in office were.

Another issue I want to address is that of “star status”, which in the interview with TV host Billy Bush, allows Trump to get away with anything. After all his incessant lying, this is one instance where he spoke the truth. He has gotten away with calling all undocumented Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, saying he can “grab women by the pussy”, making fun of a disabled reporter, allegedly sexual assaulting multiple women, mocking fellow Republican presidential candidates on their appearance, wanting to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S., and much more.

Whether he meant what he said is irrelevant, as he has become president-elect due to convincing millions of people to believe his outrageous claims and thinking that insulting people unlike you is perfectly fine.

Trump has also said that he could shoot someone in the middle of a street and his supporters would still vote for him, and you know what? He is absolutely correct.

Whether it be true or false, blame it on Clinton

All over social media, I have noticed that Trump supporters always deflect from his faults by bringing up Hillary and Bill Clinton. For everything that Trump is accused of, whether it be true or false, Hillary’s and Bill’s actions are brought up. Didn’t we learn as children that if just because someone does something wrong, doesn’t mean it’s okay for us to do as well? As unpopular as Hillary Clinton is among many progressives such as myself, we know that it is better to go with her rather than a man who insulted his way to the Oval Office.

I don’t want to say that the future of America is bleak, because that isn’t true. What would be more correct is saying that the next four years are bleak, and millions of people around the globe agree as well.

One can only imagine how many people felt desperate enough to vote for a man who is part of the 1 percent.

He awoke the dangerous spirits in millions and convinced them that their enemies are people who don’t look, speak, or act like them, and the race related incidents that occurred during the election cycle prove my point. He has empowered the worst types of behaviours among his supporters in the guise of a political revolution.

To contrast, one can look at the type of “revolution” that Bernie Sanders inspired for all types of justice. A Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives will only give more power for Trump to approve all of his plans, which could have detrimental effects on the social and economic advances accomplished under President Obama.

To conclude, all I can say is that if the DNC didn’t try to undermine Bernie Sander’s campaign and push a horribly unpopular candidate, Trump would’ve been swept last night instead of becoming POTUS.

The next four years under Trump look grim and only time will tell how irreversible his effects will be on the country. I pray for all of those who didn’t vote for Trump, especially visible minorities who will be subject to “legitimized” racism in Trump’s America. Stay safe.

Umair Ghantiwala is studying at the University of Toronto and plans on majoring in Political Science and International Relations. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. Umair plans on attending law school...

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