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Good Morning DC,

To wear or to not wear a mask? It depends on who you ask. A White House official told me that the agencies are currently reviewing the court’s decision in Florida and “assessing possible next steps.” In the words of Washington DC, anything can happen, and Biden does not seem to be pleased with the decision made by Kathryn Kimball, a federal judge in Florida, to void the national mask mandate for airports, planes, and other means of public transportation. 

Until Biden comes up with a possible response, if any, what does the court decision mean? According to a White House official, the “CDC’s public transportation masking order is not in effect at this time.”

The Administration official added that “TSA will not enforce its Security Directives and Emergency Amendment requiring mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs at this time. CDC recommends that people continue to wear masks in indoor public transportation settings.”

And the mixed messages continue. Pick to your liking and carry on.

Your top news stories of today are below. 


Today, the President will travel to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he will visit the New Hampshire Port Authority. Portsmouth Harbor is the only deep-water harbor in New Hampshire and it plays an integral role for the region’s economy and trade.

The Portsmouth Harbor handles approximately 3.5 million tons and nearly $2 billion of cargo a year, including rock gypsum, road de-icing salt, home heating oil, and underwater fiber optic cable.

Biden will talk about how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests $17 billion to upgrade  America’s port infrastructure.

At 8:00 PM ET, First Lady Jill Biden will deliver remarks at the charity gala, DC NewsBash


The Protect Our Future political action committee backed by crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who I have interviewed on two occasions, has donated close to $9 million to pro-crypto candidates running for the US House of Representatives. 


Bitcoin (BTC):$40,794.22

Ether (ETH):$3,052.47


LUNA: $90.77

DOGE $0.14043332


Russia launched a deadly attack on the city of Lviv yesterday. President Volodymr Zelenskyy said that Russia began a new offensive in the east of Ukraine, in what he calls the “Battle of Donbas.” 

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says President Putin probably would have backed off from invading Ukraine if President Biden had shipped weapons to Ukraine sooner. Does the President feel he should have acted sooner?

Well, first, I mean, just for fact’s sake, we sent a record amount of security assistance to Ukraine during President Biden’s first year in office — more than any other president in history — and we shared a significant amount of intelligence with Ukraine about Russia’s intentions and military movements, as you all know, because we’ve talked about it in here: $3.2 billion total, $2.6 billion since this conflict started.

That’s in direct contrast with our predecessor, who withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid from Ukraine, including Javelins, which Mr. McCarthy, who was critical of us in this moment, defended at the time as, quote, “the rightful thing to do” because he claimed people believed there was corruption in the Zelenskyy administration.

So, I don’t know if that’s a question for us as much as a question for him — what has changed in that period of time?

Jen Psaki, White House Press Sec

Across the pond, today is a difficult day for PM Boris Johnson, as he is set to appear before MPs in the House of Commons for the first time since he was fined for breaking lockdown rules. Johnson will apologize. Again. However, the opposition wants to force a vote on whether Johnson misled the parliament when he told MPs that all the rules had been followed at all times in Downing Street.

Johnson believes he spoke the truth. 

“It is the greatest pain that any parents can feel,” Cristiano Ronaldo announced the death of his newborn baby boy.

And that’s a wrap for this Tuesday morning, April 19, 2022. Good Morning DC will be back tomorrow to bring you the latest first. 

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