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Good Morning DC,

President Biden and the First Lady arrived on Sunday at 6 pm at the White House via the North Grounds after a ride through Washington. The streets along the motorcade route were jam-packed with tourists taking photos with their cell phones and waving as the president’s motorcade passed by.

Your top news stories of today are below. 


Today, the First Lady is hosting an Easter Egg Roll event at the White House. As tradition dictates, children will use wooden spoons to roll colorful eggs in a race across the South Lawn. There will also be a talent show, among many other activities, featuring a stage on the South Lawn with some of today’s most “egg-citing” kids’ acts and performances. 

VP Harris will be visiting the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California today. She will be talking about “ongoing work to establish norms for space.”


Louis Vuitton is venturing into NFTs, where the users will be randomly awarded by 10 NFTs while playing the fashion Web3 game where they have to dress up and style the game’s protagonist, Vivienne. The aim of the game is to educate users about the two centuries long history of the fashion luxury brand. 

American Idol partnered with Theta Labs to mint their first NFTs as part of the live televised broadcast celebration of the two decades of the show. American Idol NFT Card Pack can be purchased for $99.


Ukraine says they will be fighting to the end  in Mariupol with Russian forces. 

PM Boris Johnson will be traveling to India this week for the Western bid to sway PM Naredra to side with them against Russia.

Zelenskyy says Putin’s plan is to wipe up parts of Ukraine. 

During the Eastern Sunday sermon, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby attacked the UK government for sending illegal immigrants who have crossed the English Channel to Rwanda for processing. He criticized the policy as “depressing,” and “distressing,” but the MPs hit back.

JK Rowling has been taken out of a Platinum Jubilee reading list due to her views on transgender issues. 

Over the weekend, North Korea said they have tested a new tactical nuclear weapon. 

For the first time, China has acknowledged three COVID-19 related deaths as a cause of Shanghai lock down in the past three weeks. 

And that’s a wrap for this Monday morning, April 18, 2022. Good Morning DC will be back tomorrow to bring you the latest first. 

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