President Trump signed the 4 EOs and then launched into a news conference that ended dramatically by Trump cutting off questions as club members cheered from the back of the room. 

Trump was asked about the $400/wk benefits and how he came to that decision. It was noted that $400 could be a hardship for many. 

“Well no, it’s not a hardship, this is the money that they need this is the money they want and this gives them a great incentive to go back to work,” Trump said. “And as you know they were different there was difficulty with the 600 number because it really was a disincentive.”

TRUMP said “everybody” wanted the payroll tax cut.

When asked if the administration will go back to Democrats to negotiate for other important things like schools, the President said he has money that was unspent to use. 

“We have a lot of money that was unspent and we’ll be able to do things with the money that was unspent, we have significant money that was unspent, and we will be able to use that for different purposes,” Trump said. 

HE WAS ASKED WHEN AMERICANS WOULD SEE RELIEF, and the president said “soon” and mused that it may not end up in the courts. 

When asked why he is circumventing Congress and potentially setting a precedent, he accused Democrats of being “obstructionists” and defended his decision to go around them. At the same time, he said negotiations could still happen in the future for legislation. 

After the reporter attempted to follow up with a question on Trump’s claims on VA Choice, Trump first tried to ignore the question and move on, leading to applause by the crowd. 

When that didn’t work, he said “thank you very much,” turned, and walked away to cheers from the back of the room. 

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