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Prosecutor says Andrew Brown Jr. Shooting ‘Justified’ 

North Carolina DA Andrew Womble announced on Tuesday that deputies who fatally shot Andrew Brown Jr. were justified and will not face any criminal charges.

On April 21, 2021, deputies were sent to serve two federal warrants and a search warrant, on Brown. New bodycam footage shows Brown “recklessly” driving his car at police officers, attempting to flee arrest. 

Womble said, “Mr. Brown’s death, while tragic, was justified because Mr. Brown’s actions caused three deputies to reasonably believe it was necessary to use deadly force to protect themselves and others.” 

House Passes Anti-Asian Hate Bill

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed the Anti-Asian Hate bill, in response to the rise in violence against Asian Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The bill passed with a 364-62 vote. All oppositions were from House Republican members. Last month the Senate passed the legislation in a 94-1 vote.

The bill will assign the Department of Justice to expedite the review of COVID-19-related hate crimes, provide support for law enforcement agencies to respond to hate crimes, and facilitate coordination between local and state partners to stop discriminatory language used to describe the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Efforts to pass legislation came after the Atlanta shooting of 8 people, including 6 Asian American women.  

Capitol Rioters Still using Trump Defense: and It won’t work 

Capitol rioter Jacob Chansley, known as QAnon Shaman, still claims that the actions and words of President Trump, caused him to storm the Capitol on January 6. However, his argument didn’t work. 

U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lambert explained his order to keep Chansley detained awaiting his trial, saying, “If the defendant truly believes that the only reason he participated in an assault on the U.S. Capitol was to comply with President Trump’s orders, this shows the defendant’s inability to exercise his independent judgment and conform his behavior to the law.”  

Many other participants in the January 6 Capitol Riots continue to use the “Trump Defense” in hopes of staying out of legal trouble. 

Harry Littman, former U.S. attorney states “The law doesn’t recognize it as an excuse. Whatever brought them there, whatever they were spurred on to do, social media postings or whatever, they’re equally guilty under the federal statutes.” 

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