VP Harris in Guatemala ( Photo ©WhiteHouse )

Need To Know: The top international and national news of June 7, 2021. 

1. Vice President Harris is facing the first big diplomatic challenge in the office. She traveled to Guatemala on Sunday to attend meetings in order to tackle the migration problem in the United States. President Biden will take his first foreign trip to the UK this week, and Harris traveled to Guatemala as her first foreign trip as Vice President. Her team said she chose the destination of Guatemala to depict how important Central America is on her political agenda. In a speech in Guatemala today, she said, “I know, as you do, that Guatemala is a country with incredible resources — historically and currently — but there is work that we can do together to grow the capacity of those resources and to reach the people.” Her officials have stated she is growing close to the politicians of Guatemala and she wishes to build this relationship with concrete political agreements which will help both nations. The Biden administration is currently under pressure from their party to fix the migration issue in the US and the southern border, which consists of almost half of the 178,622 migrants who came to the US originating from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Harris will be speaking at many conventions and meetings about migration issues, corruption in the government, and other themes severely affecting the lives of Guatemalans. 

2. Despite his multiple incentives and rewards to get Americans vaccinated, the US will most likely not be able to achieve the vaccination goal of President Biden. In a speech given to Americans about our current state in fighting coronavirus, Biden offered many sweepstakes and prizes – including free flights & beer – to those who get vaccinated against the virus. His goal was to get 70% of Americans vaccinated with at least one dose by July 4th. According to the current trajectory of the vaccine, we will not be able to increase our nation’s 63% vaccinated population to the desired 70% in one month. Around the end of May, the number of adults getting vaccinated fell tremendously – the week of May 24, the CDC reported a 1% increase in vaccinated adults. Instead of 70%, it is predicted the US will reach 67% or 68% vaccinated by Independence Day. Not quite far from his goal, but still not where the President wished to be, despite the various contests and encouraging speeches he gave.

3. Meghan Markle has given birth to a baby girl – Lilabet Diana Mountbatten. She was named after both Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, Harry’s grandmother and mother, respectively. The reception of the name was mixed, due to many deeming it unfair to name a baby after the Queen after Harry announced he was leaving the Royal line. However, many citizens are pleased with the homage and excited for the couple, who now reside in their California home. Their new addition is now eighth in line for the Royal throne, following her brother, Archie. 

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