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Governor Cuomo directs Police to prevent illegal fireworks from being brought to New York from Pennsylvania by forming the Fireworks Enforcement Detail.

As people anticipate the 4th of July, as per usual, people are purchasing fireworks and testing them in their suburban backyards. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed the State Police to enforce the new, temporary Fireworks Enforcement Detail. This Detail would prevent illegal fireworks from being brought to New York from Pennsylvania and was established in response to a surge of illicit use of fireworks throughout the state.

The primary supplier for New York State’s poppers is the firework companies within the State of Pennsylvania. Therefore, Cuomo will be monitoring the transmission of fireworks through that route.

He said, “I’m a Queens boy, and I want to remind New Yorkers that fireworks are dangerous and fireworks are illegal.”

Governor Cuomo:Some nights in New York City, it sounds like the wild west with all the fireworks going off.

He continued, “I’ve never heard it like this before. They’re disturbing. They bother people. And they are dangerous. And children, people, get hurt every year. It is illegal. You can’t do it. It is illegal.”

The New York State government will help local governments enforce this Detail and take this issue seriously. 

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