Opera singer Nevena Bridgen

Nevena Bridgen, opera singer and the wife of MP Andrew Bridgen issues a public statement calling on Nadine Dorries to provide Tests for All with Coronavirus symptoms, not just the Secretaries of States and Ministers.

After the exchange on Twitter with the UK’s Health Minister Nadine Dorries due to an inability for her husband MP Andrew Bridgen to get tested on coronavirus like all the others ( with or without symptoms)  who were in close proximity to Dorries did, Nevena Bridgen issued a statement on her website the Wives of Westminster.

Briden has been experiencing the symptoms for several days and has not been able to get tested. On Friday morning, Nevena Bridgen tweeted at Nadine Dorries asking:

“Why did you not tell them that you set next to my husband Andrew Bridgen on Thursday in a tea room and that he can’t get the test now! I have the baby and a 75 years old mother jeopardized. You were treated but no one is coming to help us!’ 

Dorries responded by denying that she sat next to Andrew Bridgen in the tea room to which then he responded for the Guardian: “I can assure you that Nadine Dorries came and sat next to me at the end of my table I wonder why she would deny this now? 

“My husband was not at a private event. He was in his workplace, at the parliament. He should be able to get tested the same way those who were in proximity to Nadine Dorries were. The testing should not be reserved only for ministers and Secretaries of State,” said Nevena Bridgen.

You can read the whole statement here 

Nevena Bridgen: My Statement on Nadine Dorries: Provide Tests for All with Coronavirus Symptoms

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