Nevena Bridgen walked to Buckingham Palace this evening in London with her son on his 4th birthday and her husband, MP Andrew Bridgen, to pay tribute to the Queen.

Bridgen said that the security perimeter was blocked from Palace Street and that bad weather did not stop the Britons from walking in the rain to bring cards and flowers in front of Buckingham Palace.

VIDEO : Nevena Bridgen in front of the Buckingham Palace

“Children came as well. I came with my child. There were a lot of foreigners, as well,” said Bridgen.

“From what I have seen this evening, it’s very telling that not only Britons, but people from all over the world and from different generations felt connected to her. The Queen had a remarkable ability to touch one’s soul,” said the opera singer.

“My son’s 4th birthday is today so we, as a family, took an opportunity to celebrate life and also to remember the Queen. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to grow up with the memory of her like older generations did, so that is why I felt strongly that we should go to the Buckingham Palace and create a memory that will honor the Queen,” said Nevena Bridgen.

Nevena Bridgen and MP Andrew Bridgen in front of the Buckingham Palace.
Nevena Bridgen and MP Andrew Bridgen in front of the Buckingham Palace.

“My son wanted to see the Queen, he was crying in the end as he was expecting to enter the Buckingham Palace, he did not understand that it was not possible,” said Bridgen. “The Queen was larger than life. It’s an end of an era,” she reflected. “God Save the King.”

Nevena Bridgen was a guest at the Queen’s Garden party in 2018 when she was pregnant with her son.

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