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Find out how you can find happiness within yourself.  

 1. You know yourself best  No one knows you better than you know yourself. Then, how is it fair to expect someone to understand what you need to feel fulfilled and happy in your life? Introspecting is a skill that is not easy to attain. Spending enough time with yourself to know yourself better can go a long way in finding happiness. After all, knowing exactly what you need means moving one step closer to getting what you need.

2. No one can live your life for you Your struggles, your accomplishments, and your achievements will remain your own. This life is yours to live, hence, you need to be the one in control of yourself and your own happiness. Don’t give up on yourself and place your life in someone else’s hands by not putting in the effort towards your own happiness.

3. Happiness from others is temporary They say that most things are not permanent. Happiness from people or things is temporary, unlike happiness within yourself. Doing what brings you inner happiness lets you remain emotionally stable throughout the ups and downs of life. Emotional well-being gives you the strength to deal with what life throws at you.

How do you find happiness within yourself?

1. Try new things. Trying new things and exploring the world is a chance to learn more about yourself – what you like, love, or don’t like, or hate. It’s a chance to be more comfortable in your own skin and find peace within yourself. When you do what you love and immerse yourself in it, your life tends to bring you happiness without relying on anyone or anything.

2. Spend time with your family or friends. Spend time with people that matter. I cannot possibly describe how much a 5-minute conversation with my parents or best friend on a bad day uplifts my mood. Friends and family are your support system and wish the best for you. The warmth gained from quality time spent with people you love is priceless. Capture those moments.

3. Keep doing what you love. While it’s great to explore, it’s important to keep your passions. Practice what you love to do, maybe enhance a skill and improve it with time. Doing things you love for yourself as a way of making you feel complete. The feeling of completeness and fulfillment in life is the key to inner happiness.  

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