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US State Department Spokesman Ned Price revealed on Wednesday the US stance on Liz Truss’s tax cuts strategy that includes the energy package to help people and businesses with their energy bills.

“Is this something that the US is looking to copy?” Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer asked Price to clarify. 

“This is a question for the British people to decide, the sort of energy policy they want in their country, ” responded Price. 

“When it comes to the United States, what we have sought to do is to increase the resilience on the part of our partners and allies around the world. That includes in the UK, that includes our allies in the EU and elsewhere,” Price went on to expand on the prospect of the global strategy to offset the costs of the energy crisis worldwide.

“We, of course, are acting in concert and in some cases in coordination with allies and partners in terms of tapping into strategic petroleum reserves, in terms of moving supplies of LNG where it’s needed most, and then, of course, executing and devising policies that will help lessen dependence over time on Russian energy but also on fossil fuels more broadly as we transition to renewables,” concluded Price.


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