According to The Brussels Agreement 2013, the Kosovo government was supposed to allow the formation of the Community of Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo. Still, to this date, that did not happen.

Asked by The Pavlovic Today if Secretary Blinken wants to see the formation of the Community of Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo, State Department Spokesman Ned Price confirmed that the US wants to see that happening.

“Both Kosovo and Serbia should implement the agreements they already signed through the dialogue process, and that includes by starting negotiations to establish the Association of Serb majority municipalities,” affirmed Ned Price.

Asked by The Pavlovic Today what will happen if Kosovo’s PM Albin Kurti decides not to implement The Brussels Agreement’s provision on the formation of the Community of Serbian municipalities, Price said that the US is “urging both parties to follow through with the commitments that they have signed in the EU-facilitated process.”

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Price echoed the EU’s message that the Serbian withdrawal from Kosovo’s institution “is not a solution to the current disputes” and has the potential to “further escalate tensions on the ground.”

Sharing Secretary Blinken’s stance on the issue, Price said that parties involved must work to reduce tensions and “ensure peace and stability” in the region.

“Actions and rhetoric that increase the possibility of violence place innocent lives and those international peacekeeping forces on the ground at unnecessary risks,” warned Price.

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