Jack Teixeira

BOSTON—Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old national guardsman, has found himself in hot water after being accused of leaking highly classified military documents which offer a snapshot of the war in Ukraine.

After being charged with the unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents and materials, Teixeira was requested to be detained by the US Justice Department. Following this, a federal magistrate judge ordered him to be jailed until at least a detention hearing scheduled for next Wednesday. During the brief proceeding, Teixeira spoke only twice, confirming that he understood his right to remain silent and that he had completed a financial affidavit. The judge has granted him the qualification for a public defender while he sits in tan jail clothes next to his lawyer.

Teixeira’s arrest was carried out by heavily armed tactical agents after a weeklong criminal investigation into the online disclosure of highly sensitive government records. The classified documents in question not only reveal Ukrainian military positions but also explore the circumstances under which Vladimir Putin might use nuclear weapons.


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