President Trump indicates that Mike Pence’s Press Secretary is infected with Coronavirus. 

The president took questions for about 20 minutes. He seemed to indicate the Vice President’s press secretary tested positive for coronavirus.
Chief of staff Mark Meadows said there are additional precautions in place but wouldn’t get into specifics on what is being done beyond testing and social distancing. He said the White House is “probably the safest place you can come to.”
Meadows said people in close proximity to the president have tested negative for the virus in response to a question about why those around him aren’t wearing masks.
Trump said he’s satisfied with the measures that have been taken so far to guard against the virus.
He again claimed that the virus will eventually go away even without a vaccine. Asked why he believes that, he cited unnamed doctors. Asked how often he’s meeting with Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci and White House medical experts, he said “a lot.”
He said he would support a payroll tax cut or a capital gains tax measure to boost the economy.
Trump called Rick Bright a “disgruntled employee” when asked about a new watchdog report that found Bright’s removal was improper.
The president said he didn’t think about wearing a mask at the World War II memorial earlier, noting he stood relatively far away from the veterans.
A few odds and ends that may not have been visible on camera. Kevin Hassett, Warren Davidson and a few others jotted down notes as others spoke.
Multiple lawmakers had their hands in their faces at various times or wiped their brows or noses with their hands. A few had to pick up the microphones and place them closer before they spoke.

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